What is FLICC doing to ensure safety from COVID19 for my child?

Effective March 2020 – each child/family is REQUIRED to have a signed FLICC COVID19 Policy in their file. This policy outlines precautions for our children, parents, and staff, along with adjusted cleaning procedures, hours of operation, etc. All children, parents, and staff MUST follow all procedures. Please click here to view our COVID19 Policy.

What is your illness policy?

Please review our COVID19 Policy for additional illness policies (effective March 2020).

Each day, the teacher will conduct an informal health check of your child. It is very important to us that each child be healthy and happy at school. We cannot receive, or retain in care for the day, any child that displays any of the following:

  • Fever with a temperature of more than 100.0 Fahrenheit
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting within the past 24 hours
  • Nausea or stomach cramps
  • Severe coughing
  • Unusual yellow color to the skin or the eyes
  • Drainage from eyes, ears, or profuse nasal drainage.
  • Skin lesions or rashes, including in the diaper area, that are severe, weeping, or puss-filled.
  • Difficulty breathing or wheezing
  • Complaints of severe pain
  • Non-clear discharge from the nose
  • If a child is notable tired, irritable, or not feeling well and needing one-on-one care

Children must be symptom-free for 24 hours before they can return to care. Some illnesses, such as strep and pinkeye, require a 24-hour treatment before your child can come back to the center. Proof of treatment from your pediatrician is required.

Can I visit my child during the day?

Effective March 2020 – FLICC is no longer allowing an visitors inside our facility to reduce the spread of COVID19.

Can I tour your facility?

Effective March 2020 – FLICC is no longer offering in-person tours. BUT you can view our Virtual Tour on our Facebook page!

What is your toilet training policy?

At FLICC, formal toilet training will begin in the 2-year-old class. Every child is different, and we strive to meet the needs of the children on an individual basis. Once your child begins the toilet training process, we discourage the use of disposable diapers or pull-ups, and encourage the use of cloth training underwear. Please send several pairs each day. Children need to be completely trained by the time he or she is 3 years old. Accidents after age 3 are handled matter-of-factly, and the child will clean him/herself and change his or her own clothes.

What is your biting policy?

Unfortunately, periodic outbreaks of biting can and will occur among toddlers. When a child is bitten, we are careful in responding to the biter. Our goal is not to reinforce the biting behavior with negative attention. The biter is immediately removed from the activity with no show of emotion, and all our attention is directed to the child who has been bitten. We clean the wound thoroughly. We look into the context of the incident, and we work with each biting child so that he or she will hopefully choose to not bite again. We send an incident report to the parents of the biter as well as to the parents of the victim.

What is the proper clothing?

We ask that parents provide appropriate play clothing and supportive footwear. We cannot assure that your child’s clothing or shoes will not be stained or otherwise damaged. Therefore, please avoid sending your child to school in clothing or shoes that are expensive or that you don’t want stained or damaged.