Foreign Language Immersion Childcare Center (FLICC) was formed to provide quality childcare with the added opportunity to experience the increased intellectual stimulation associated with second language acquisition at an early age.

FLICC is a “learn and play” center that provides children with a safe, loving, nurturing, and educational environment with the highest quality care possible. Children in our center are given the opportunity to acquire Spanish as a second language, while at the same time, developing English as a first language outside of the childcare setting. Because children are learning a second language at school, it is very important for parents to reinforce English at home.

The center provides qualified teaching staff, small classes, and excellent child/teacher ratios.

We consider the child as a whole; therefore, we strive to meet the individual needs of each child, while encouraging and stimulating the child’s physical, social, cognitive, and emotional development.

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Infant Class


Two-Year Olds

Three-Year Olds

Four-Year Olds