Two Year Olds

Our two year old classes includes children between the ages of 24 months to 36 months. By the time your child leaves the 2-year-old classrooms, he/she should be able to:

  • Hold a crayon, marker, or pencil correctly, and show an interest in wanting to write
  • Build a tower of at least 8 blocks
  • Stand on one foot, and jump with both feet
  • Kick into the air as if kicking an imaginary ball
  • Walk on tippy-toes
  • Know his/her first and last names
  • Know if he/she is a boy or a girl
  • Uses the word “I” and “me” correctly, and begin to use words in plural form
  • Repeat a series of 2 numbers, for examples 3, 5
  • Understand the concept of just one
  • Form sentences with at least 3 words
  • Identify at least 6 animals
  • Count to 3, count 3 objects
  • Understand about simple dangers and hazards, such as fire, insects, etc.
  • Put on his/her own coat or jacket and take off coat or jacket
  • Wash and dry hands all by him/herself
  • Be potty trained or at least well on his/her way to being trained


Our Pre-K 2.5 classroom is where our pre-school program officially begins.  The children in this classroom are two and a half or close to that age at the beginning of the new school year (early to mid-August). 

Generally, children who start in a pre-school class at the beginning of a new school year, will stay in that classroom all school year long (from August until the following May).